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Ms. Fitness Olympia Champion Whitney Jones Discusses Her Continued Success


Ms. Fitness Olympia three-time winner Whitney Jones certainly knows what it takes to be a winner, and maintain long-term success, and while she has yet to fully dive into the world of fitness streams, and is certainly one of the most well-known fitness influencers, and more success is in her plans.

“It’s all a mental game at that point,” Jones said, according to Muscle and Fitness. “You’ve done all the physical work. Now, it’s you who controls or not you succeed or fail. And I’ve had a lot of experience to kind of master that. And I just get into like that go mode, and you got one shot. I was gonna put it all out there. And if it works great, if it didn’t, it didn’t, but you there’s no tapping out. you got to make it work, make some modifications to your routine and you just go all in.”

Jones is just weeks away from this year’s Olympia competition, and Jones is ready to defend her title.

“That’s what I am, and I take that approach with so many things,” Jones said. “Because you can’t level up until you totally banish all fear and say, let’s just go for it. And if you have passion, and you’re strategic in what you’re doing, you should have the confidence that whatever it is you’re doing, it’s going to work out.”

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