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How to Get a Flat Stomach in a Month

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There are various optimum methods an individual may employ to develop fast abs. The 30 top exercises you may train upon to develop fast abs are:

1. Ab Wheel Roll-out

An Ab-Wheel is an inexpensive device that has a rolling wheel approximately 20-30 inches in diameter and has mini-bars to grasp upon protruding from the center of the wheel. This exercise is effectively executed by kneeling on the floor and holding the “ab wheel” underneath ones shoulders. You may have your knees padded with folded cloth underneath your knees to avoid friction with the floor.Thereafter, you should brace the abs and begin rolling the wheel forward till you have the feeling of losing tension in your core and fee as if l your hips are almost sagging.You will then start again by rolling yourself back to your initial position. You will be required to do as many reps as possible, at least 15 in number with perfect form and end your sets (at-least 3 sets) when you feel you are about to break form. The Ab Wheel Roll-out is an ideal method for quickly ripping the abs to “chisel-cut’ shape.

2. Arms-High Partial Sit-ups

This exercise is effectively done by lying on your back, with your knees bent 90 degrees and raising your arms until they are both straight overhead, keeping them upward pointed throughout the entire exercise. You are then required to sit up halfway and then gradually return to the floor. This is one rep. You will be required to repeat the reps consistently up to 25 reps of 5 sets. This exercise regiment if done consistently is a beautiful strategy for strengthening the lower abs, getting rid of abdominal fat and developing a study core. It is an extremely versatile friendly exercise in the sense that it can be practiced practically anywhere using minimal space and no additional devices or supplementary equipment.Furthermore, It is named “Arms High Partial Sit Ups”, because one arms are held up high while executing the sit ups to half way length towards the knee in a repeated sequence.

3. Barbell Roll-out

A Barbell is a long bar upon which disks of weight are attached to on each end. It is one of the standard weight lifting equipment. This workout will require you to begin by loading the barbell with weight plates of 10pounds and kneeling behind the barbell on the floor. In this exercise you may also place folded cloth under your knees to pad them against friction from the floor. You will place your shoulders over the bar as you grasp the barbell with both hands. Upon having a firm grip begin the exercise by bracing your abs and rolling the bar in a forward movement until the barbell reaches far ahead in front of you till you feel as though you are about to have a sagging sensation on your hips. Hereafter you may roll yourself back. This in one rep. Repeat the sequence in several reps of at least 15 and up to 4 sets, to have a visible and lasting ab-ripping effect on your abs.

4. Barbell Russian Twist

In this exercise regiment you will be required to utilize a barbell with a single weight plate mounted upon it. This exercise is efficiently executed, by grasping the bar at the near end of the weight of 10-pounds mounted upon it, with both hands. Whilst standing with feet shoulder width, you will be required to swing the bar to your left, and then swing to your right. All this while pivoting your feet as needed. It is best advised to have the end of the barbell flexibly pivoted in the ground too to allow swinging action. Repeat in well uniformed reps and sets of about 15 reps in 4 sets. This exercise when perfectly and constantly executed has a beautiful effect in ripping and making firm the vertical walls of the abdomen.

5. Swiss Ball Crunch

The Swiss ball crunch is effectively executed using the “Exercise Ball”.( A the exercise ball is a ball constructed of soft elastic and diameter of approximately 14-34 inches and inflated with air) You will be required to lie back on the ball having your feet shoulder-with apart on the floor. Have your lower back supported by the Swiss Ball. You are then required to place your hands behind your ears and have your chin tuck in. Then curl your body upright off the ball till you are sitting up. This sequence should be repeated in convenient reps and sets. The more reps and sets performed translates to the faster you will be able to rip your abs. It is therefore advised at a minimum to to have your regiment in performing at least 4 sets of 15 reps.

6. Dip/Leg Raise Combo

This exercise is performed by raising yourself over the parallel bars at a dip station. You are then required to bend your knees slightly and raise your legs in a 90 degrees motion off the floor, until they are parallel to the floor. While your legs are off the floor hold in position for 10 seconds are release back to the floor. This counts as a single rep. Repeat this sequence in a number of at-least 4sets of 15 reps, so as to have the desired effect on your abs. This exercise aids in generally fortifying/strengthening the entire core of the abdomen.

7. Flutter Kick

This exercise is done by lying on the ones back with legs straight, and extending your arms straight by the side. You are required to then lift your heels to about 6 inches, then rapidly kick your feet up and down rapidly in scissor-like motion. You will be required to divide and repeat this sequence in multiple reps and sets, to feel its lasting effect. You may perform at a minimum 4 sets of 15 reps to have the desired effect of ripping the abs as fast as possible. This is a very friendly and versatile exercise as it can be easily performed practically in any flat surface using minimal space and without supplementary gym devices.

8. Front Squat

This exercise is done effectively, by setting the barbell on a power rack about shoulder height. In the event you haven’t a rack, you can alternatively clean the barbell to your shoulders from the floor. You will be required to grasp the bar with hands at shoulder width, you will raise your elbows till your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Remove the bar from the rack and have it resting on your finger tips. So long as your elbows stay up, you will be capable of balancing the bar. Step back, setting your feet at your shoulder width with toes slightly turned out. You are then proceed to squat as low as you can without losing the arch in the lower back. You may be flat footed in the process to ensure and enhance your stability. to have an optimum effect. kindly repeat this sequence in multiple sets of 4 and 15 reps a piece. This exercise when done effectively and consistently has a beautiful effect of ripping out the abs and making them firm and compact. It is prudent to avoid using extremely heavy weights upon your barbell that may fall off your arms or cause intense strain and aching on your knees when exercising.

9. Horizontal Cable Wood-chip

This exercise is slightly technical as it requires a supplementary training device called a cable-pulley that can be found in a well equipped gym that has a “cable pulley machine”. A ” Cable pulley machine is a gym equipment found in most commonly in many gyms and rehab centers. It has a handle that may be grasped with both hands and is extended from a pivoted structure using an elongated well lubricated and elastic cable. It may also be carefully improvised. This exercise is performed by setting up the adjustable cable pulley to shoulder level, and then grasping the handle with both hands. You will then stand with feet shoulder width apart, being perpendicular to the anchor point with extended arms afar from the machine. Whilst keeping your feet stationary, you will then twist away from the machine. You may thereafter repeat this sequence alternating between the let and right side of your body,in sequences of multiple reps of 15 within 5 sets to have a visual and real effect in rapidly ripping your abs. The motion almost simulates an individual chopping down a tree, hence its name.

10. Leg Raise

The leg raise is non-complicated but effective exercise. It is simple in the sense that it can be performed using minimal space and doesn’t require much complicated equipment to effectively perform it. This exercise is done by lying on the floor and holding onto a bench or the legs of an unmovable chair for support. You will be required to keep your legs straight and raise them up until they are vertical. You will then lower your back down, stopping just short of the floor, keeping tension on your abs. You may attempt to repeat this sequence in rapid motion to aid in rapidly ripping and developing your abs.

11. Medicine Ball Russian Twist

This exercise is done by sitting on the floor in the top position of sit up. You will hold the medicine ball (exercise ball) with both hands extended straight in-front of you. You will then in an explosive motion twist your body to one side and twist back, alternating sides. You will continue this sequence whilst holding the medicinal ball up and straight ahead of you.This exercise helps in developing the vertical walls of the abs by making it firm and compact. You should repeat the sequence in rapid motion to have a the desired results.

12. Medicine Ball Mountain Climber

This exercise is done by holding the ball with both hands and getting into push up position on the floor. You are then required to drive one knee up to the chest and quickly drive it back while raising the opposite knee. You are required to repeat the sequence, while alternating your legs. You may repeat the sequence in sets of 4 with 30 reps a piece.The medicine ball mountain climber exercise almost simulates climbing a mountain albeit being in horizontal position from the floor.

13. Pike to Superman

You will utilize a larger well inflated exercise ball for this exercise. You will begin by getting into push-up position with your toes on the medicine ball, you will bend both hips and roll the ball towards you until your torso becomes vertical. Thereafter, roll back so your body is straight again and extend your spine, rolling the ball up your legs so that your body forms a straight line with arms extended overhead while hands still on the floor. You appear as Superman flying downward. This will be one rep. You will then pull with your lats to return to the initial positions of push ups, and commence additional reps. You may also divide your exercise regiment in reps of 15 withing 5 sets.

14. Plank

This exercise is simple and friendly. It can be performed basically in any flat surface using minimal space .It’s performed by getting into push up position and bending elbows to lower your forearms to the floor. Then holding the position with abs braced. You may hold for up to 20 seconds and consider this one rep, before easing and beginning the sequence again. A number of 10 reps will suffice to have the desired effect of rapidly developing your abs.

15. Pull Up To Knee Raise

You will hang from an elongated pull-up bar with hands outside shoulder width and palms facing away from you. Thereafter, you are required to pull yourself up till your chin is over the bar, then raise knees to your chest when in top position. This motion will simulate combination of doing pull ups and performing mid-air squats. You may repeat this sequence as much as necessary in 5 sets of 15 reps.

16. Push-up Rockets

This exercise is effectively performed by getting into push up position with feet in the cradles of a suspension trainer, then performing explosive push-ups such that hands leave the floor and you are able to clap in midair. You may improvise your cradles by having a training partner hold up your stretched out legs.This exercise aids in developing the frontal abdomen. It’s advised to repeat the sequence in multiple sets of 5, having at least 15 reps a piece.

17. Resisted Reverse Crunch

This exercise is performed using an elastic and tempered band, that can’t easily snap however hard and long it stretches. This exercise is done by lying on the floor and wrapping a band around the arches of your feet. You will cross the ends of the band over each other making an “X” and grasping the ends with opposite hands. You will then bend both hips and knee so that your knees are near your chest and then have your torso crunched off the floor. Finally, you should extend your legs while raising both arms overhead, keeping shoulder blades from the floor. This is one rep. It is advisable to repeat the sequence in 5 sets of 15 reps a piece.

18. Roll Out

This exercise is performed using an enlarged Swiss ball. The Swiss ball is synonymous with the exercise ball. You are required to rest your forearms on the Swiss ball and have your legs extended behind you. You will then have your abs braced and roll the ball forward extending your arms and hips in the process. You are then to roll yourself back, when you feel like you’re about to lose tension in your abs. One such sequence is one rep and you may proceed to indulge 15 reps in 5 sets.

19. Medicinal Ball Seated Knee Tuck

This is performed by sitting on a bench and squeezing the medicine ball between your feet. You are required to extend and elevate your legs out straight in front of you and then extend your torso so that your body forms a straight line. Holding on to the bench as support, you will proceed to crunch your torso forward bringing your knees to your chest. One such movement is a rep. You may repeat the sequences in 4 sets of 15 reps.

20. Side Plank

This is a simple exercise that don’t require much space nor supplementary training aid. It is done by lying on your left side while resting your left forearm on the floor for support. You are then required to raise your hips so that your body forms a straight line and braces your abs. You should have your weight on your left forearm and the edge of your left foot. Hold on to this position with abs braced. You will then alternate the side of your body to your right and repeat the process. You may repeat this sequence in multiple reps and sets (15 reps and 5 sets). This exercise assist rapidly fortifying the walls of your abs by curving them out and making them firm.

21. Sprinter

This exercise is performed using the suspension device in the gym that has suspended foot cradles. Placing both feet in the foot cradles of the suspension trainer and getting into push up position with hands on the floor, you will drive one knee to your chest while the other leg remains extended. Thereafter, you will drive the opposite leg to your chest while extending the other back. You will continue the sequence as if rising in place.You may repeat this sequence in multiple reps and sets (15 reps and 5 sets)

22. Sit Up and Throw

This is performed by holding diminutive and graspable exercise ball with both hands straight in-front of your chest while sitting on the floor. You will then anchor your feet under firm support and lie back on the floor away from a concrete or brick wall. Then explosively sit up and throw the ball into the wall, catching it on the rebound. You may alternatively have a partner to whom you may throw the ball to and have him/her throw it back. You may employ this excise as fast as possible in multiple sequences to have the desired effect of burning your abs fast.

23. Star Plank

This exercise almost simulates the normal push-up routine but in static position. You will be required to get in push-up position, and then move your arms and feet apart as wide as possible. Upon making a star shape, hold this position with your abs braced and torso straight for 30 seconds. You will get at ease there after and repeat the sequence considering each sequence as on set. A total of 5 sets will suffice to have the desired effect of developing fast abs.

24. Straight Leg Barbell Sit ups

It is called this simply imply performing sits whilst grasping upon a barbell.This is performed by lying on the floor holding a lightly loaded bar over your chest as in a bench press. While your legs are extended on the floor ahead of perform a sit up while raising your torso until it’s vertical. Keep the bars overhead, having it drift back to an extended press position at the top of the sit up.You may repeat this sequence in multiple reps and sets. (15 reps and 5 sets)

25. Suitcase Dead-lift

In this exercise one simulates carrying, or lifting a suitcase off the floor. In this exercise you will be required to load the barbell on the floor and stand to the left of it with your feet hip-width apart. You will then bend your hips back and lower your body till you can grasp the barbell in its center with your right hand. You will then brace your core, keeping your lower back in its natural arch, while pushing through your heels to stand and lockout your hips. You will then squeeze the bar hard to prevent it from tethering. You should focus on keeping your spine straight the entire set, and not bend laterally towards the barbell.

26. Swiss Ball Plank Circle

You will be required to place a Swiss ball on the floor and getting into push-up position with your hands on it. You will then lower your forearms to rest on the ball, while keeping your whole body in a straight line with abs braced. Using both elbows you will roll the ball in circular motion, both clockwise and counterclockwise as if stirring a pot. This motion should be repeated with sufficient rapidity to have the desired effect.

27. Swiss Ball V-Ups and Pass

This is done by lying on your back on the floor and holding the ball between both your ankles. You will then extend your arms behind your head. You will proceed to perform sit ups while raising your legs simultaneously and passing the ball from your legs to hands. Proceed by getting back to the floor and repeat, having the ball passed from your hands to your legs. Each pass represents one rep.You may repeat this sequence in multiple reps and sets (15 reps and 5 sets)

28. Medicine Ball V-Up

This exercise is done by lying back on the floor holding the ball with both hands behind your head. You will proceed by extending your legs, bracing your abs and sitting all the way up. As you sit up you will be required to have the ball outwards stretched out from your body. You will then raise legs simultaneously reaching for your toes with the ball. You body is required to form a V shape at the top. To have a desired effect repeat the sequence in rapid motion in multiple reps and sets.

29. Weighted Sit up

This exercise simulates the normal sit ups, however utilizing weights. You will be required to perform this exercise by lying on the floor holding a weighted plate at your chest. It is imperative that you use a weight that isn’t too heavy to cause you strain and back strain. You will proceed by bending your knees 90 degrees with feet on the floor and tucking your chin to your chest and sit up all the way. You may repeat this sequence in multiple reps and sets (15 reps and 5 sets)

30. Half Kneeling Chop

This exercise is slightly technical in the sense that you may be required to utilize the suspension device in a gym. You should kneel upon on your left leg. You may provide padding under your leg to avoid getting bruised by friction from movement.While on the bottom on a lunge position with your left leg forward, you will reach up over your left shoulder and grasp the band of the suspension cable with both hands. Your back should be straight in the entire process. You will then pull the band diagonally downward across your body towards your right hip. Gradually return the band to position considering this as one rep. You will be required to change the sides of your body having to grasp the band from your let and right side and changing your kneeling from your left to right leg. You may repeat this sequence in multiple reps and sets .(15 reps and 5 sets)

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