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IFBB Pro League Head Judge Sandy Williamson Offers Tips

IFBB Pro League

IFBB Pro League Women’s Chairperson and Head Judge Sandy Williamson is offering tips for any new competitors entering the scene, during an interview with Prime Time Muscle with hosts Tim Wilkins, Terrick El Guindy, and Chris Cormier.

“Go to your local shows. Go see regional shows. It will give you an idea of the process,” Williamson advises (h/t Muscle & Fitness). “Anything that you can do ahead of time to relieve some of that anxiety and stress when you first walk in, you should.”

“Almost every place in our country, every state does seminars and workshops. Go hit some of them up. Get some feedback and tips from the pros and officials in your area.”

Williamson also stressed the importance of comfortability on stage, and in hitting their poses.

“Presentation has become such a big deal. It’s become so much more important now than it was 15 or 20 years ago. I think it’s because the number of athletes and the quality of athletes has increased.”

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