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Ronnie Coleman Says Stem Cell Treatment Changed His Life

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Eight-Time Mr. Olympia and IFBB bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman is in good health following blood work and says that stem cell treatment has changed his life.

“A lot of the guys nowadays — ain’t nobody lifting no heavy weight, especially you know – after they seen what happened to me but what a lot of people didn’t really know is — my injuries in my back came from me playing football. I hurt it really bad my sophomore year, then I hurt my neck really bad. I was doing a lot of chiropractic [procedures] in my sophomore year in college all the way until I started bodybuilding,” Coleman said, via FitnessVolt.

“I’ve been having back problems way before bodybuilding,” Coleman added. “I rehabilitated my back by doing deadlifts and squats, bent over rows, and all those exercises to strengthen my back, to get it to be able to do those heavy weights.

Coleman talked about needing to see a chiropractor as well as receiving stem cell injections in Mexico every four months, along with hyperbaric sessions in an effort to help heal from his injuries.

“Well right now I’m trying to do like [stem cell injections] every four months, in Mexico” Coleman said. “I started probably about a year ago and I went like twice every four months and then I took off about nine months — and the pain came back fierce. I went back and it was the last time I went. I was in a massive amount of pain. Like three days later, the pain disappeared. Just that quick.

I was in so much pain. Yeah that was the third one. I’ve done three so far. That was the third one. I was in so much pain I couldn’t even sleep at night. Then, like I said, he added a new type of treatment to the stem cells. We would also do hyperbaric chamber sessions. We were doing two 45-minute sessions a day for like five days I think.”

Due to the treatment, Coleman says that the pain has completely gone away.

“That increases the stem cell treatment” he said. “That helps improve the stem cell functions of healing and like I said, I think that’s why three days later my pain just totally disappeared. It went from fears keeping me up, sharp pains at night, to zero pain at all.”

“Everything has been working out pretty good for me lately. I just had my latest blood work done – I get those done every four months. This last one was the best I’ve ever had out of the last three I’ve had done. My cholesterol was really high at one point. My kidneys were off really bad, my liver was off really bad, yeah, [from the medications].

Everything now is perfect. My cholesterol is the best it’s ever been. HCL, LDL, he said that my kidneys were perfect. My liver was just a little bit elevated but that’s to be expected because I take a lot of vitamins and stuff. He said for the most part, that was the best one ever. Everything is all good,” Coleman continued.

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