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Yowza Review

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Yowza is the online seller popular for offering fitness equipment which is not just superb and amazing, but of high quality as well. They sell directly to the customers to eliminate the prices charged by the retailers and other mediators. Thus, when it comes to buying the most reasonable yet quality fitness equipment, it is best to trust Yowza.

What has actually distinguished Yowza from others is their latest Cardio Core technology. This way, they refer to the counter rotational core motion. So, unlike the upper body handlebars that are generally available in the fitness equipment and machines which go back and forth, you get 2 T shaped handlebars which swing right and left with pedal motion.

Quality matters

The Yowza treadmills are mainly about quality and substance. Keeping into consideration the track record of their amazing models, you can get some of the best and most useful machines in the market.

Majority of the treadmills by Yowza use the patented Swing Arm Shock Absorption formula where the rocker arms act like the hydraulics. So, when you actually stride deck, you can see reduced shock felt to the body.

Types of equipment available

The Yowza line of exercise equipment incorporates the non folding as well as the folding treadmills, Variable Motion Ellipticals and the fixed motion elliptical. Specially backed by the 60 days return policy, the users can be sure of making the right decision of buying from the Yowza Fitness.

Easy to use features

The attractive consoles, which serve as fitness streams on dock, on the equipment are featured with simple to use control buttons that give quick and fast access to the range of programs that are found on every Yowza treadmill. There are even iPod docking ports and 3-speed fans that you can enjoy with the equipment or machines. This is possible because the designers have given much importance to all that a customer wants in quality exercising machine.

Yowza Fitness realized that weight management is the overriding concern for a lot of people who buy the fitness machines and equipment. Thus, their Intelligent Weight Management system allows the users to manage their weight through defining the exercise routine based on the weight loss or gain.

Reliability of components actually impacts the overall durability of Yowza treadmills and servicing. The components added in Yowza machines have great track record. The components used like the motor, belt, deck and computer are all of high quality. So, get the best exercise equipment from Yowza and enjoy.

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