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Samir Bannout Says CBum is Not Mr. Olympia Until He Wins With The Big Boys’

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Canadian bodybuilder Chris Bumstead is celebrated as the most decorated Classic Physique competitor of all time within the Olympia competitions, and during a recent episode of ‘The Muscle Maturity’ fitness podcasts, former Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout called out Bumstead to compete in the Open division.

“Bumstead probably would have a more difficult time in the Open,” Bannout said in a recent YouTube video. “I think he will but he will be conditioned. He’s on the safe side with Hany because Hany will bring him to the stage in top quality, top condition. I would like to see Bumstead be tough and say he’s going to the Open.

“C’mon Bumstead! No disrespect to him or anybody else, if you’re Mr. Olympia, you win the Mr. Olympia. There’s only one man standing as Mr. Olympia right now and that’s Hadi Choopan. ‘CBum’ is not Mr. Olympia until he wins ‘with the big boys’ like Derek did. He almost became Mr. Olympia. There’s only one man that wins Mr. Olympia. Hopefully, he will have the courage to get on the stage with the biggest boys. I will have the highest respect for Bumstead if he does that.”


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