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Weekly Workout Routine

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Health is the most important things for human being. Many people are practicing regular exercise to maintain and increase their health condition. Most of them want to keep their body in fit, health and fresh. In order to keep health body, it is very important to find the best weekly workout routine. There are so many workout routine options in the market that affect you in making decision. Some workout is universal. Physical chemistry and how old people are lain concern to choose the best weekly workout routine. In order to find and choose the best weekly workout routine, here are some things to consider.

First, you should choose physical type to handle. You can start consult and discuss with physician to start workout routine. The schedule weekly workout routine should be done with honest to determine capability and realistic goal for your health condition. It is advisable to check it with physician. Second, you should know and understand what you are looking for workout schedule. The best weekly workout routine is usually going to drastic differing from individual to get and achieve good basic shape. The other factor before choose the best workout is determine of diversity workout. The best workout can hit all muscle, body and mind for the best health result.

Doing resistance exercise such as yoga, dance is also good way to impact diversity of workout. Diet is also good workout routine schedule to make or break workout routine. Choosing the best weekly workout routine is an exciting challenge. In order to boost your fitness goals, here are some examples for weekly workout routine that might suitable with your condition.

Workout routine for good shape goal

Day 1. You can practice chest, shoulder and triceps exercise 3×15 abs work.

Day 2. You can practice exercise for biceps, back, traps, obliques, 3×15 abs works

Day 3. You can start exercise for legs, hamstring, calve and quadriceps, 3×15 abs work.

Workout routine for speed and body endurance

Day 1. You can practice exercise for chest, shoulders and triceps muscle, 3×15 abs work

Day 2. You can start exercise for back, biceps, traps and obliques

Day 3. You can practice for legs, hamstring, calve and quadriceps, 3×15 abs work

Day 4. You can repeat workout day 1 wit no abs work

Day 5. You can repeat exercise day 2, 3×15 abs work

Day 6. You can repeat exercise day 3 with no abs work

Day 7. Rest of exercise

Workout routine for gain mass, size and strength

Day 1. You ca practice for chest, abs

Day 2. Practice exercise for back, biceps, traps and obliques

Day 3. You can practice exercise for legs, abs

Day 4. You can rest for while, 30 minutes for cardio

Day 5. You practice exercise for triceps and shoulders

Day 6 and 7. You take a rest

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