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Study Shows Obesity Rising Despite More Adults Exercising

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The rates of obesity are alarmingly on the rise despite studies that show that more American’s are getting regular exercise, a troubling trend.

The percentage of American adults who qualify as ‘obese’ has risen from 19.4% in 1997 to a staggering 31.4% in 2012, according to federal data released this week bu the National Center for Health Statistics.

On the flip side, the percentage of adults who reported meeting the recommended guidelines for exercise, which is at least  150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic physical activity over the course of each week, has risen over the past decade.

41.5% of adults reported meeting the recommended weekly exercise guidelines in 2007. Those numbers jumped to 53.8% in 2017, ten years later. Data show the group that gets the most exercise is men aged 18 to 24 ans the percentage of adults who meet the exercise standards drops with age.

At 24.5%, young men aged 20 to 39 have the lowest prevalence of obesity. Adults aged 20-39, 26.6 % qualify as being obese. In comparison, 36.6% of those aged 40-59 qualify as obese.

Those over 60 are less obese, as 31.3% did not qualify as obese although they exercise less than those younger than them.

With a number of fitness streams now available, working out at home has become markedly easier throughout the years.

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