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RushFit Review

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RushFit is a 8-week training camp for physical fitness that is involves Mixed Martial Arts style in its exercises, and this definitely makes it more interesting. The reason why you would get attracted towards this one is because it would give you an additional training of Mixed Martial Arts too apart from the obvious benefits of weight loss and overall physical fitness. RushFit is a George St. Pierre program! Here is a review about this program of the MMA-specialist.

What does it teach you?

The RushFit program offers you 6 DVDs along with a facility of 7 workouts. Each DVD offers you to focus on different aspects of your physical fitness and these include:

  • Core conditioning and abdominal strength
  • Fight conditioning workout
  • Explosive power training
  • Full body strength and conditioning
  • Agility and balance
  • Stretch for flexibility

This program offers you 8-weeks training and also nutrition guide that allows you to know how to follow right diet for physical fitness and weight loss, and it allows you to access fitness streams to make working out at home that much easier.

The workouts

If you are an amateur, you will definitely be surprised or rather shocked at the exercises and this will keep you back thinking whether you can do it or not. However, the answer is to get up and start with it! These workouts will be divided into five different 5-minute rounds. At first, you will actually feel that these are typically MMA exercises, but as you start up with them, you will find them quite interesting and enjoyable.

The DVDs also facilitate you with explanations which make it quite simple to start up with these exercises. The idea is that you should first begin with the DVDs watching, and then practice it yourself.

What do you require?

You do require a bit larger space than your home. RushFit gives you workouts that involve jumping forward, pivoting and ground work. So, if your home is that big enough, well and good! Otherwise, you don’t need to buy a new home, all you can do is go and start in a larger area, may be even a playground!

Dumbbells will also be required for RushFit program. You will find it out in the DVD as to how much weight you need to put in and when.

Final verdict

After all that has been said, it can be said that RushFit is a great program for those aiming towards physical fitness. It can be a bit complicated but as you move ahead with this program, it would actually give you quality!

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