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IFBB Pro League Discusses Potential Punishments for Athletes Who Drop Out of Invitational Shows

IFBB Pro League

The IFBB Pro League has issued a statement outlining potential punishments for the athletes that choose to drop out of invitational shows, a violation of their new terms and conditions, where the IFBB Pro League can issue disciplinary actions.

Those actions can include fines and/or suspensions from competitions.

Here is the private email reportedly sent to all IFBB competitors, according to FitnessVolt.

“If an athlete signs up to be considered for ANY invitational contest such as the Arnold or any other professional contest that is an invitational and then decides after the list has been announced or posted to pull out, you must consider that you have taken a spot away from other athletes who were training and looking for a chance to be invited. This is also detrimental to the promoters that have only allowed for a certain number of athletes on their roster and who were counting on the athletes that they had invited.

For all future IFBB Pro League Invitational events, if a competitor has made the final list on an invitational contest and makes the decision to withdraw once the roster has been announced or the promoter has notified them that they made the list, they must provide a doctor’s excuse or legitimate reason for withdrawal, or a suspension and/or fine will be imposed on the athlete and the athlete will be prohibited from competition.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation”.


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