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Research Says Exercise Is An Antidote for Aging

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Worried about getting old? Well researchers find that if you’re looking to fight off Father Time, you’re going to need regular exercise as your weapon of choice to do battle with.

According to a report from US News, the research findings “debunk the assumption that aging automatically makes us more frail”, according to research Janet Lord who is the director of the Institute of Inflammation and Ageing at the University of Birmingham in England.

In the study which was published March 8 in the journal Aging Cell, the team assessed 84 male and 41 female cyclists, aged from 55 to 79. The men had to be able to cycle 62 miles in under 6.5 hours and the women had to be able to cycle 37 miles in 5.5 hours.

The cyclists did not have loss of muscle mass or strength, did not have age-related increases in body fat or cholesterol levels, and their immune systems were as robust as much younger people, which differs from findings from a “control group” of adults who did not regularly exercise.

“Our research means we now have strong evidence that encouraging people to commit to regular exercise throughout their lives is a viable solution to the problem that we are living longer but not healthier,” Lord added in a university news release.

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